Evan Cook

is a sound designer.


Evan does sound design for theatre.


Evan likes dry erase boards.

Evan likes helping tell stories.

Evan is a big fan of concepts.

(Verisimilitude in fiction is probably his favorite concept.)


Evan also likes electronics.

Especially electronics that make sounds.

Also, sounds that loop.


Perhaps you are wondering:

"Can Evan do sound design for things other than theatre?"

(That is a good question.)

(Yes he can.)


Evan also does sound design for dance.

He did some sound design for an art gallery

and for in twenty seventeen.


Evan also does "sound engineering".


"Sound engineering" sometimes means "sound system design" but can also mean "implementing others' sound design".


To be clear, when "engineering" is used in this sense,  it does not mean that Evan is a graduate of an accredited engineering curriculum.