Evan Cook

electronics omnibus

yelling box

the mostly-purposeful combination of two toys into a circuit that seems to be very upset.


music box

2nd place

UNC School of the Arts & Blackboard Inc's

"Access Your Imagination" Contest.


A door access card reader re-purposed to play

"The Scientist" by Coldplay via a microcontroller.


read about the process

kids toy QLab remote

An exercise in re-purposing a simple kids' toy

into a useful show control interface.

By routing the signal of a microcontroller

through the existing toy circuit board,

the toy's buttons can trigger QLab functions.

Atari Punk Console

I built a stepped tone generator based on schematics from synthrotek.com.


Modifying battery-powered toys

in pursuit of distortion, loops, and glitches.

Stationary Digital 'Clock'

A (mostly abandoned) project to make a faux-clock that displays only one time, selectable by the user.

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